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bicycle accidents 


     Accidents involving automobiles and bicyclists are often subject to the mistaken belief that California Vehicle Code prohibits the use of a bicycle against traffic when being operated on the sidewalk or crosswalk. While this area of law remains “unsettled” for many law-enforcement officers, insurance adjusters, defense attorneys, judges, and even some plaintiffs’ attorneys, our office has access to the most up-to-date court decisions that could greatly affect your case!

     California Vehicle Code Sections 21650 and 21650.1 govern the riding of bicycles on sidewalks in the absence of local ordinance. It’s important to retain a law firm that understands that local ordinances in the area where the collision occurred may prohibit or permit bicycle use on sidewalks or in crosswalks.

     In fact, a recent 2013 California Appellate Court ruled it was undisputed that the City of Los Angeles neither prohibits bicycle riding on the sidewalk nor prescribes the direction of such bicycle travel. Spriesterbach v. Holland, 215 Cal.App.5th 255, 269 (2013). Don’t be dissuaded by Insurance Adjusters or Police Officers who prematurely place fault on cyclists for operating on a sidewalk against traffic, the law might be in your favor!